Become our Talent Partner

Ensure your students have the most desired technical skills as per the latest market trends. Equip them with best of technologies & standards. Create experts & innovators for the future.

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What is a talent partner?

Most computer/IT training institutes offer certain technology / coding and self-development courses for their students to upskill themselves and have desired skils for the jobs in the market. However these general courses fail to challenge and expand students capabilities and also does not provide them with any pratical knowledge. Hence most students completing the courses either struggle to find a relevant job or struggle to produce above average performance at work.

Brilino Solutions provides competitive syllabus, step-by-step approach and very clear targets for desired certifications to each of our talent partners. The syllabus is based on latest competitive technologies, desired skills and latest valued certifications in the market. The syllabus and approach are regularly revised and the certifications ensure that the students get competitive preference over others at job.

Additionally, Brilino Solutions endeavours to hire such talented certified freshers into its team regularly and provide them an opportunity to gain further knowlege, excel in latest technologies and contribute to innovative projects.

How it works?

  •   1


    Contact Brilino Solutions HR team and register your institute as the Talent Partner.

  •   2

    Review & Discuss

    Review and discuss the information on courses provided by the HR team and agree on an approach.

  •   3

    Induct & Present

    Add the necessary courses or course extensions to your offerings and display the course details with Brilino Partner logo on your website.

  •   4


    Regularly review any feedback with the Brilino Solutions HR team and revise the course details or approach as necessary.

  •   5


    Brilino Solutions HR team will regularly keep you updated with its upcoming requirements and also provide necessary references to other companies for your student placements.

What are the Benefits?

  • Distinctive Recognition

    Get a clear competitive recognition with the Brilino Partner logo.

  • Increased Business Opportunities

    Add more offerings to your existing portfolio and increase your revebnue streams.

  • Preferred Training Provider

    With the new courses offering competitive advantage, freshers will prefer your courses.

  • Increased Student Placements

    More and quick job placements for students with the new certifications.

  • Ready for the future

    Regular updates from Brilino Solutions on latest technology and skills trend

  • Preferred Business Partner

    Become Brilino Solutions preferred business for talent as well as sales & service.